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European Facial  
Includes: skin analysis, deep pore cleansing, massage and mask
1 hour and 15 min.                                         price    $ 100
Collagen Facial
Rejuvenates dehydrated skin, softens & smoothes fine-lines &
gives dry skin a healthy glow...
1 hour and 15 min.                                          price   $ 120
Signature Peel
Exfoliate, cleanse and soothe with delicious indulge...
Then, Create your own afterglow with a variety of tempting scents: Blueberry Pie, Lime Zest, Pumpkin Pie, Stawberry Shortcake, Hot Chocolate,Pure Pear
1 hour and 15 min.                                          price    $150
Hydradermie  Facial
The silky texture with a technology combined with a rich botanical gel that refreshes the dull skin
1 hour and 15 min.                                         price    $ 120
Eyebrow Shaping
includes waxing and tweezing the eyebrows
time varies                                                   price    $ 30 - $ 50 

Eyelash Extension

Eyelash Extensions enhance the length, volume, and curl of the natural lashes by use of artificial eyelashes either made from silk, mink, sable, or synthetic hair
20% off First Service

1 1/2 hour-2 hours.                                                                       price   $ 150

                             Eyelash Lift
Eyelash lifting is a process by which a solution is applied to the lash line to achieve longer, curled lashes that imitate false eyelashes but BETTER! Your natural lashes are permed to a silicon pad and lifted to give the beautiful appearance of a wide awake look. 20% off First Service

1 hour and 15 min.                                                                   price   $ 150

                        Customized Makeup
Makeup that enhances and is applied with care to compliment the clients own features, and distinct characteristics such as hair color, eye color, skin tone and face shape. Discover a more personalized approach to makeup application! 20% off First Service  
1 hour                                                                                                 price   $ 150

                                     Other Services

Chin or Upper lip    
 Half- arm
 Full arm or lower leg
 Upper leg including bikini
 Full leg including bikini
 Back Wax
 Chest Wax
 Eye lash Tint
 Eye brow Tint
 Eye lash & eyebrow Tint

Skin Care, Body Care, Makeup and at home handheld machines available for purchase to keep you feeling your most beautiful, sexy, youthful self!
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